Mobile Device Management

Procure, Setup, Manage and Protect your mobile devices

  • Easy device procurement
  • Configuration based on company usage policies
  • Restrict devices to stop misuse
  • Protect devices or remotely wipe data in case of theft

A growing number of businesses are deploying mobile devices in the field. While the benefits of introducing remote work capabilities are great, the management of the devices is becoming increasingly complex and specialised.

- How do you ensure the devices have been setup and configured optimally?
- How do you know the devices are used appropriately and according to company policy?
- How do you enforce security policies and protect confidential business data on the device if it has been stolen?
- How can you physically secure the device to reduce the probability of theft without impacting functionality or aesthetics?

With ConnectBI’s mobile device management service, all the work is done for you. From procurement to setup, management to protection, ConnectBI can handle the entire mobile device process on your behalf, leaving you free to do the things that matter, like working on your business.

If you’d like to learn more about our device management solution, please enter your contact details in the 'Getting in touch' page or email rick[at]connectbi[dot]com.

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